Balancing Life's Demands

Are you busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of control? Are you running long on "to do's" and short on time? Do you want things to change?

Consider participating in the five-part-series, “Balancing Life's Demands.” You and your partner will learn how to put "first things first" and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. This isn't about clichés or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you better prioritize your personal world.



The program, brought to you by the Couples Connection group at the Morristown United Methodist Church, kicks off on Saturday night January 26th with a potluck dinner and  2012 “Recap.”  

The format February through June calls for the couples to meet from 5-6:30 to view and discuss a DVD presentation of Chip Ingram, pastor, author of 11 books, coach and teacher for more than 25 years.  At 6:30, couples will be encouraged to take advantage of the variety of eateries and coffee shops in Morristown and “go on a date.”    Childcare is provided from 4:45 – 8 p.m.

The following rules are recommended for your “Date”:

(1)  No talk of work, school or the kids
(2)  Any conversation that gets heated should be tabled for another time and
(3)  Have fun and enjoy each other!

Session dates and topics are:
January 26th           Pot Luck Dinner & Recap of  2012 Session
February 23rd         How to Keep First Things First Part 2
March 16th              Warning: Personal Discipline Can be Hazardous to Your Health Part 1
April 27th                 Warning: Personal Discipline Can Be Hazardous to Your Health Part 2
May 18th                  How to Escape the Rat Race ... Forever! Part 1
June 8th                   How to Escape the Rat Race … Forever! Part 2

For more information or to sign-up to participate, contact program facilitator Holly Dinneny at or 973-937-5118.

Attendance at every session is NOT required.  
Participants are urged to attend one or all events as each night is self-contained and independently beneficial.

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