Efrain Zavala

Greetings everyone! I am very excited to be a student pastor at Morristown United Methodist Church this academic year.
A bit about myself: I was born in Sonora, Mexico, where my family and I lived for 17 years before we moved to Arizona. Living in a border town, we continued to cross the border every weekend to attend church and visit relatives. I got involved with the Methodist Church of Mexico at an early age, serving in the Youth League at the local, district, and conference levels. Additionally, I participated in my church’s worship for many years. (It was through these activities that I met my beautiful wife Michelle, who was also involved in Youth ministry at her own church.) In 2009, I had the opportunity to serve the UMC as a lay person assigned to a small Hispanic mission. I did this for a couple years and then God called me to enroll in the M.Div. program at the Drew Theological School and pursue ordained ministry. In 2011, my wife and I sold everything and left the arid Sonoran desert for the beautiful New Jersey forest.
    2011 was an eventful year. In addition to becoming a US citizen, I completed a Master’s degree in Counseling. I worked with families wounded by substance abuse and domestic violence, becoming particularly interested in serving the Hispanic community. As a World Communion Scholar, my goals, hopes, and dreams are tied to service.
My interests include pastoral care, the sociology of religion, and (of course) Wesleyan theology. On the other hand, my goals include becoming an ordained minister with the UMC, getting licensed as a professional counselor, and establishing a private practice.
Feel free to contact me via email at ezavala@drew.edu or follow me on twitter @efzaga

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